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1230000245074 - Candy Kross: ***nt Wives Society and Their Cuckold Husbands Volume 8 - Libro


nt Wives Society and Their Cuckold Husbands Volume 8 (2014) (?)

Entrega de: AlemaniaNuevo libroe-Book, eBook, libro digitalproducto para descarga digital

1230000245074 (?)

, Bände: 8 und 82, idioma desconocido, Vince Stead, Vince Stead, Vince Stead, Nuevo, Ebook, descarga digital
I parked the car in the airport parking lot and walked to the baggage claim and waited for Irene to come down the escalator. Then my jaw dropped. Someone who resembled my wife began to descend the escalator with all eyes on her. A woman with fiery red hair cut into a short shoulder length bob with bangs, dressed in a short red mini dress that was barely covering her ass, wearing red high heels and black sunglasses, graciously floated down to the baggage claim area. But, what I noticed the most was that her breasts were huge! I'm not too familiar with bra cup sizes but I think my wife wore a B cup. What she had now easily had to be a DD cup size. Her breasts bounced as she began to walk very ***ily in her high heels. As she approached me, she was wearing a smile and then it faded. Like she was remembering her old life or something and that I was still part of it somehow, whether she wanted me to be or not. She had a look of disdain on her face, but she still kissed me on the cheek, leaving a big pair of red lip marks on my cheek. She had on dark red lipstick. Irene never wore make-up, but she seemed to have an abundance of it on now. Her eyelashes were long and thick; she had on thick eyeliner that made her eyes look like cat eyes and a shadow of darkness over her eyelids. She looked like she could be a model on the cover of a magazine. She looked amazingly hot. It was hard to believe that this was my tiny little mousy wife that I had been with for eleven years. "Hello darling." She said as she kissed me and headed over to the baggage claim area. "Hello Irene." I said. "How was your trip?" "It was absolutely fabulous darling." She was talking with some sort of a California accent or something, like you see on those reality television shows that take place in Beverly Hills. "Well, you definitely look different." I said. "Do you like my new look?" She asked me spinning around for me to look at her at all angles.
Categoría: ***a
Palabras clave: ***nt Wives Society and Their Cuckold Husbands Volume 8 Candy Kross Adult ***a 1230000245075
Datos de 29/06/2015 14:38h


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