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1230000246897 - Bruce Marvin: The Thirteenth Commandment - Libro


The Thirteenth Commandment (2014) (?)

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1230000246897 (?)

, idioma desconocido, Glenbridge Publishing Ltd. Glenbridge Publishing Ltd. Glenbridge Publishing Ltd. Nuevo, Ebook, descarga digital
Congressman Robin Andrews faces stark choices: to save the world or to allow the obliteration of the human race. He discovers a Russian village totally wiped out by a disease of unknown origins. America also faces the destruction of a small town outside of Pittsburgh, the cause also unknown. Can the mindless genocide perpetrated by some unidentified agent be halted before the whole world perishes? Albert Kasdan, a brilliant scientist and twin brother of world-famous chess grand master Anton Pomerov, befriends Robin and shares his knowledge about a plague more deadly than any that had previously ravaged the world. Those with the "Mark of Barabbas" have a natural immunity to this plague, a divine judgment on the world for its sins. Only the rediscovery of a sacred water supply somewhere in the Holy Land can save the rest of the world! Jan Lipski, a young doctor and concentration camp inmate at Auschwitz, has been forced to work with Hans Hoffmann, an evil Nazi doctor involved in inhuman medical experiments. During the last days of the war Lipski helps a group of twin boys to escape certain death. Lipski also escapes with a sacred copy of The Thirteen Commandments; Hoffmann eludes capture on the last German U-boat! ! Andrews studies the Bible code and reads The Thirteen Commandments, trying to make sense of the plague that has now reached Pennsylvania. No one can explain what happened! ! While searching Kasdan's computer, Andrews at last receives what he believes to be a divine message. He travels to the Masada in Israel where he discovers the healing waters! ! Born and raised in New Jersey, BRUCE SIMINOFF has been a life-long resident of that state where he earned B.A. from Rutgers University. He is a Director of the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey as well as Chairman of its State Issues Committee! ! An author of nine books, his The Liberty Crisis and Victim Caught in the Environmental Web were published by Glenbridge Publishing, the latter used
Categoría: Fiction & Literature
Palabras clave: The Thirteenth Commandment Bruce Marvin Action & Adventure Fiction & Literature 1230000246890
Datos de 06/01/2016 22:59h


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